New Spring Scholarship Recipients

Duaa Addulhussain will attend Piedmont Virginia Community College. She graduated from Charlottesville High School this year as a member of the National Honor Society. Duaa was born in Baghdad. Her family moved throughout the Middle East, adopting new cultures and languages in order to find security from war and disorder. In 2010 the family arrived in Charlottesville. Duaa would like to pursue a teaching career.



Ryan Averill will attend the College of William and Mary where she plans to major in Business Management. At CHS, Ryan took a rigorous course of study and graduated with a high grade point average. Born in the Netherlands, she was home-schooled until 9th grade when she entered CHS. Ryan plans to pursue work in the field of international business, hoping to travel the world experiencing a variety of cultures and languages. She is described as a student who “loves learning and challenge” who is “curious, positive and bright.”



Cynthia “CeeCee” Bowles enrolled in Honors and AP classes at CHS while working at Farmington County Club. She is a leader in her family, school and community. She played two varsity sports, wrote for the school literary magazine and is particularly talented in the visual arts and languages. Despite many obstacles in her life, she has turned adversity into meaningful work for the benefit of others, including volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club and the Planned Parenthood Teens Taking Action. She will attend Old Dominion University.



Thyme Carter plans to attend Old Dominion University where she is auditioning for a scholarship for the music program. She has applied for other scholarships to cover her college expenses. Thyme is planning on going to medical school and becoming a practicing psychiatrist. At CHS, she played in the orchestra and string ensemble. She has taken AP and Honors courses and is particularly adept in the sciences



Quandra Dennis plans to go to a Virginia school. She hopes to be the first in her family to graduate from college. Quandra took a rigorous course of honors, AP and Dual Enrollment classes. Particularly impressive is her commitment to other school and community pursuits including orchestra, string ensemble, President of the Senior Class, singing in her church choir and playing the viola. Quandra has been active in the “I Have a Dream” program since first grade. Quandra is described as “dedicated, hard-working, conscientious and creative.”



Brierra Dibble plans to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. She would like to go to medical school and become a pediatrician or a psychologist. She hopes that overcoming some of her own struggles will enable her to better understand the struggles of others. Brierra was treasurer of the Student Council Association for her class for four years, a Varsity sideline cheerleader since eighth grade and served on CHS’ Youth Roundtable. What she undertakes she does with commitment and persistence.



Deniqua Frye lives with her grandmother who is her guardian. She will attend Longwood University. She wants to be a writer, screenwriter and movie director. She has already completed several manuscripts while a student at CHS. Deniqua is one of the founding members of the City of Promise Youth Council and remains active in the organization. Deniqua was selected by her peers to travel to Ghana this spring with the Charlottesville Sister City Delegation.



Caleb Govoruhk will attend Radford University in the fall. At CHS he took a challenging program including Honors, AP and Dual Enrollment courses. Caleb aspires to be a lawyer. At CHS he is a member of the Key Club, works at Farmington County Club and volunteers at the SPCA and the hospital. Caleb has been faced with significant stresses in his life and he believes that the support he has received from many people has helped him to move ahead.



Janie Johnson grew up in Charlottesville graduating from Charlottesville High School in 1999. She attended PVCC earning an Associate’s Degree in Business Management in 2006. Now she intends to pursue a Bachelor’s degree through Old Dominion University, changing her focus from business to human services. Janie was employed at the Fashion Bug in Seminole Square moving up to the position of assistant manager until she was laid off in January 2013. She is described as “mature, independent” with an “excellent work ethic.”



Patience Kilel will attend Virginia Commonwealth University to pursue a degree in dentistry with emphasis on preventive care. Patience’s mother and older sibling are enrolled at ODU as full-time students; her younger siblings attend area schools. Patience was born in Kenya and came to the United States when she was eleven. She has spent considerable time involved in church and medical mission activities following the example of her parents. One reference says, “Patience pushes herself to shine in the classroom and the cheerleading floor. Her smile is one that literally lights up entire rooms.”

Raja-Nique Maupin plans to attend George Mason University to study political science/pre-law. She is described as a “strong student” which is reflected in her participation in Honors, AP and Dual Enrollment courses. She held leadership roles in CHS clubs including vice-president of Student Government, lacrosse, track and cheerleading. Raja-Nique works as much as thirty hours a week at Raising Cane. All agree that she possess the skills, drive and heart to be successful in college and beyond.

Jamar Pierre-Louis has been admitted to Old Dominion University in Norfolk. He plans to major in business administration and eventually work in the real estate sector. Jamar expects to have to finance his college education himself through scholarships, grants and work study. Jamar is credited by one of his references with “leading his peers and inspiring many other young people to do the right thing.” He took Honors, AP and Dual Enrollment classes at CHS. Jamar was active in DECA and the Boys and Girls Club.



Jasiyah Ruiz aspires to be a business owner. She will head for Radford University where she plans to major in business and communication. In addition to being a student at CHS, Jasiyah has worked up to thirty-five hours per week at local restaurants since January 2011. Jasiyah and her family have experienced some major setbacks. One of Jasiyah’s references says “she is willing to work hard and has a realistic grasp of her strengths and weaknesses.”



Aynsley Sandridge graduated from Western Albemarle High School in 2003. She worked for the Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Department and as a Special Education Instructional Aide in the Charlottesville School system since 2006. Aynsley plans to attend Lesley College majoring in Psychology and Special Education. She has already earned an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Studies from PVCC. Aynsley has found her calling through her work in special education.



Philip Wilson is a 2010 CHS graduate where he was quarterback of the football team. He was accepted at East Carolina University. However, even with all the financial aid he received, there was not enough money. Instead of going to the college, Philip started looking for jobs. He had three jobs at one point and was contributing to the family budget but not getting much sleep. Finally, he landed a position at Caspari which he says is the “best decision I’ve ever made.” He is a valued employee working on the sales floor, in the backroom and managing website shipping. Philip will attend PVCC and major in business administration.

Renewing Promise Scholars

Corey Blackwell — Norfolk State University
Shaniece Bradford — Virginia State University
Asia Crawford — Ferrum College
Aston Ferneyhough — University of Mary Washington
Champrea Frye — Virginia Commonwealth University
Tara Ingram — Mary Baldwin College
Rickquan Jones — George Mason University
Margaret McNair — University of Colorado
Eh Ney Moo — Piedmont Virginia Community College
Rebecca Morton — Piedmont Virginia Community College
Josianne Nyirashombo — Piedmont Virginia Community College
Nicole Pace — Mary Baldwin College
Richard Washington — Old Dominion University
Valerie Washington — Christopher Newport University
Wazhma Yousafi — University of Mary Washington