New Promise Scholars

Tariq Carrington has had an exceptional academic career at Charlottesville High School, earning a 4.43 GPA while enrolling in rigorous Honors, AP and Dual Enrollment classes. Tariq looks ahead to a pre-med curriculum at U.Va. and a career in the medical field after college. His interest in medicine was inspired by his infant cousin, Arianna, who was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia. His high school guidance counselor describes Tariq as, “one of the most focused students I have ever taught.” Tariq is a leader and award-winner on the CHS Track Team and has many friends.


Kunga Deyang‘s goal for the future is to become a nurse. Kunga’s parents lived in Tibet, relocated to India (where Kunga was born), and then came to America because they wanted a brighter future for their daughter. When Kunga graduates from CHS, she will have earned a GPA over 4.0 and taken multiple Honors, AP and DE classes. During her time in high school, Kunga has participated in the Girls Soccer, International and Chinese clubs, and has worked part-time at a local restaurant to help out her family. One of her teachers describes Kunga as, “someone I will never forget, sincere, strong and organized.”


Grace Gilbert intends to pursue studies in the sciences at the College of William and Mary.  Her interest in science has grown ever since she attended summer camp as a preteen. Grace also has a passion for photography. She continues to increase her skills in this area by taking courses at CHS and developing individual projects to challenge herself and sharpen her skills. Grace will graduate with a GPA over 4.7, and her high school transcript is exceptional in terms of grades and rigor of coursework. Grace is active in various clubs at CHS and participates in Concert Choir and as a volunteer at the Virginia Discovery Museum.

Valeria Gutierrez-Cruz plans to study physical therapy and ultrasound in college. Valeria’s mother emigrated from Mexico to give her children a better life, leaving behind a beloved extended family. One of her teachers praises Valeria’s willingness to ask for help when she needs it to improve her performance. Valeria will graduate from CHS with a 3.3 GPA and her coursework includes Honors, AP and DE classes. She participates in AVID and Computers4Kids and has worked at a local day care center during summer break. Valeria’s references note her self-direction and work ethic as qualities that will lead to her success in college.


Robin Hightman graduated from CHS while overcoming significant personal challenges.  Robin started her high school career in Fluvanna County, where she was an excellent student, but circumstances brought her to Charlottesville for grades 11 and 12.  The move was difficult, and her grades plunged, but her passion for the fine and performing arts, and her willingness to contribute, were key to her success.  Robin’s school counselor described her as “resilient, strong-willed, and intelligent.”


Justice Howard credits her mother with providing “for her whether she had the means or not.” Justice writes that she has learned to be independent and solve her own problems–qualities she thinks will help her find her way at U.Va. Justice is taking all of her senior year classes as a Dual Enrollment student, and will graduate from CHS with a 4.6 GPA. Justice has an interest in psychology.



Tanner Largent is a sports lover.  “not only has softball made me who I am today, it has also taught me many life lessons like hard work, dedication, and communication,” Tanner said.  Tanner also played volleyball, and she works part-time at a local restaurant.  Her AVID teacher at CHS praised her ability to juggle school, sports, and work, and credits Tanner’s “organizational skills and her drive to succeed.”  Tanner is interested in studying physical therapy.



Lakiera Mills credits her grandmother with teaching her to “take school seriously and do well.” She plans to pursue studies in biology and chemistry at VCU, and will be the first person in her family to attend college. Beyond attending and graduating from college, Lakiera wants “to find out who I am as an educated person and someone who thinks critically and independently.” She will graduate from CHS with a 3.5 GPA. According to one of her high school teachers, Lakiera’s success in college will likely be due, in part, to her positivity and time management skills and her willingness to work on something until it is her best.

Wendell Santiago has worked hard to balance a busy and demanding schedule at CHS with significant family responsibilities.  He is well-liked by teachers and peers, and is involved in a number of activities.  Wendell plans to study nursing and physical therapy at PVCC. He will graduate with a 4.0 GPA, receiving A’s and B’s in his classes, which have included AP, Honors, and DE courses.



Zarny Hein, along with his brother and parents, overcame many challenges after moving to America.  After leaving friends and family, starting school in a new culture, and learning English, Zarny challenged himself with rigorous coursework at CHS, and now plans to study engineering.  This year, Zarny has begun saving for college expenses while providing support to his family.

Renewing Promise Scholars

Duaa Abdulhussain – Virginia Commonwealth University

Ryan Averill – College of William & Mary

Gaetan Banawoe – University of Virginia

Grace Bostic – Guilford College

Cynthia Bowles – Old Dominion University

Quamia Dennis – Piedmont Virginia Community College

Quandra Dennis – Old Dominion University

Amanda Downing – University of Virginia

Christen Edward – North Carolina Agriculture & Technical State University

Cliché Hughes – Virginia Commonwealth University

Tateionus Jasper – Richard Bland College

Crystal Johnson – Mary Baldwin University

Janie Johnson – Old Dominion University

Jeremiah Jordan – University of Virginia College at Wise

Joanna Kammauff – Piedmont Virginia Community College

Wade Kammauff – University of Virginia

Patience Kilel – Old Dominion University

Viviana Lopez – Virginia Commonwealth University

Dil Magar – Piedmont Virginia Community College

Raja-Nique Maupin – George Mason University

Alan Mendoza – Piedmont Virginia Community College

Courtney Mills – Old Dominion University

Josiane Nyirashombo – Old Dominion University

Jamar Pierre-Louis – Old Dominion University

Liliana Sosa – Piedmont Virginia Community College

Pema Tamang – Piedmont Virginia Community College

Alexis Taylor – Virginia Commonwealth University

Taya Williams – Radford University

Philip Wilson – University of Virginia

Promise Scholars Graduating this Year

Brierra Dibble – Piedmont Virginia Community College

Ashton Ferneyhough – University of Mary Washington

Rickquan Jones – George Mason University

Margaret McNair – Flagler College

Jacqueline Morris – Piedmont Virginia Community College

Roger Richardson – Averett University

Wahzma Yousafi – University of Mary Washington