Instructions for Renewing Your Preston Coiner Scholarship

Preston Coiner Scholars are eligible for renewal of their scholarships once a year in an amount based on a percentage of the funds available in the Preston Coiner Endowment. Special Note: No essay will be required for Preston Coiner renewal applicants, but those students would have to compete against any new applicants.

Remember: Preston Coiner scholarships consist of one payment per year. It is up to you to work out with your college how your scholarship should be applied—whether entirely to one semester, or split between semesters.

To apply for renewal of your scholarship for another year, you MUST provide the following by JANUARY 1st:

1. A complete transcript of all your grades from the beginning of your college study through the most recent grade report received as of the renewal deadline. You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to qualify for a renewal of your Preston Coiner Scholarship. An unofficial copy of screenshot of your transcript is perfectly acceptable.

In addition, you MUST provide the following by MARCH 1st:

2. A personal statement (MINIMUM 300 words) outlining your progress in school so far and describing your goals, achievements, and extracurricular activities.  Tell us about any personal, academic, or financial challenges you’ve faced over the past year, and describe how you’ve taken advantage of the academic, social, or health resources available to you at your school.  Please tell us what the scholarship has meant to you and to your family.  You may add anything you believe will help us evaluate your renewal application.  You should submit a new personal statement each time you apply for renewal.  Please note that we may use excerpts of your statement in our newsletters or other publicity.  Be sure to put your name, e-mail address, phone number, home address, and school address on this statement.

3. A financial statement including your expected costs for attending school, as well as your anticipated income or other sources of funds available for school expenses.  You should submit a new financial statement each time you apply for renewal. This is a Google Form and easy to fill out!

It is your responsibility to file these renewal materials on time. Electronic submission of documents is preferred and recommended. Please be sure your name appears on all materials submitted on your behalf. The CSP Board reserves the right to deny scholarship renewal to any student whose renewal submission is late and/or incomplete.

Download these renewal instructions here.